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Unlike the traditional list of links you probably have in your bio right now, Marble brings together your links and your content so your audience can view everything with less clicks. Just add the URL's and we will automatically pull in the info.

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Allow your audience to see everything you do. Just connect your feeds and we'll pull in the posts.

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Your audience can open all your images, videos and in-post links right from your Marble page.

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Designed to help focus on creation, Marble combines a better designed link in bio to best express who you are and what you do.
Connect unlimited links

Add your websites, your promo codes, and any other link you want. Add them all without limits.

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Get full flexibility to change any colors, backgrounds and layout

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Collect emails and phone numbers without having to build another page.

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Feature your most important posts in a carousel that's designed to show posts from different platforms and links seemlessly side by side.

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